4 Helpful Packing Tips When Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is exciting and thrilling, but a lot of people don’t enjoy packing for the move. Lucky for you, there are a number of packing tips when moving abroad that you can keep in mind. Below are a few of those tips. 1. Make A List Of Essentials Before you pack anything into your…

Emigrating to Australia

Emigrating to Australia from the United Kingdom

Emigrating to Australia from the United Kingdom can be a difficult proposition for any traveler. Whatever one’s reasons for wanting to live in the Land Down Under, the fact is that it is some distance from the United Kingdom, has an extremely different and at times hazardous environment and has a culture all its own…


Enquiring About Shipping Furniture To Australia?

Shipping furniture to Australia from the United Kingdom can be incredibly stressful, even though Australia and the United Kingdom remain on very good terms diplomatically. However, the combination of distance, cost and Australia’s stringent customs regulations can make even a personal trip to Australia stressful, let alone a full fledged move to the Land Down…

Shipping-furniture-to-America USA

Important Tips For Shipping Furniture To America USA

When you are moving to your new home across the international ocean , you naturally want to take all your belongings including furniture. Furniture transportation is a daunting task especially because of its value, weight, and size. Unfortunately, furniture does take up most of the space in the container and will therefore cost more to…

Storage in Camberley Surrey

Furniture Storage in Camberley Surrey

Are You Needing Storage? Things to Consider when Looking for Furniture Storage in Camberley   If you are Moving, or simply changing things around in the house, or doing some renovations and you have no room to store your items of furniture and looking for some short term or long storage, then you need to look…


Useful Packing Tips When Moving House

Packing your possessions when moving home is a huge nightmare. Most people hire a Removal Company who can pack everything, transfer it to the moving van and unpack when they reach their destination. Of course, you would have to pay much more for these services. Therefore, if you are looking to save a little more…

House Removals Camberley © Euchiasmus

House Removals Camberley Surrey

If you require a good reputable Removal Company for Camberley in Surrey, first Call Central Moves Living in Camberley Camberley is an affluent town in Surrey, England, southwest of central London, between the M3 and M4 motorways. The town is situated in the far west of the county, close to the borders of Hampshire and Berkshire. It is…